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The Data Integration Work Group

The Data Integration Work Group exists to create a body of architecture artifacts for data integration, and an overall framework to stitch them together.

Data integration is a critical problem for many enterprises today. It is the focus of much attention, but with little thought for architecture. This is partly due to a lack of standard artifacts and guidance that architects can use to support their data integration work. The Open Group can fill this gap, to support the architecture community, and benefit customer and vendor enterprises.

Data Integration Work group roadmap

The Work Group has produced a White Paper that surveys the standards relevant to data integration, and has conducted a survey of Enterprise Architects which, with over 600 responses, gives us a good understanding of the current situation and issues. We will now produce a Guide to Data Integration using The Open Group standards, based on:

  • Research into current data integration trends
  • Collection of data integration use cases
  • Review of relevant Open Group standards.

The Work Group is part of the Architecture Forum. It holds regular web meetings, shown in the Events Calendar, communicates by email and Slack, and posts its work in progress to this Plato page.

Please contact the Work Group Chair or the Forum Director if you would like more information about the group or help with the collaboration technology.

Work Group Chair: Chris Harding - 
Forum Director: Daniel Hutley - 
Email List: ogarch-data-integration - Subscribe here 
Slack Channel: #data_integration - Join Slack here