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Going Faster with Open Standards: The Open Group to Co-Host U.S. Air Force FACE™ and SOSA™ Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) in Ohio

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 13, 2022: The Open Group, the vendor-neutral technology standards organization, is co-hosting a U.S Air Force - FACE™ and SOSA™ Consortia Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) and Expo at the Dayton Convention Center, Ohio on September 27, 2022. The event will feature presentations and demonstrations by a cross-section of experts across the Defense community, Industry, and Government.

Attendees, from the ranks of buyers, suppliers, integrators, and business representatives, will be able to learn about new advancements and the progress being made around functionality and interoperability of modular open system environments. There will also be exhibitions from industry and U.S. military leaders, including Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Army Aviation, Naval Air Systems Command, The Open Group, and many more.

Talks and demonstrations about the Future Airborne Capability Environment™ (FACE) Consortium, will showcase over 30 FACE Conformant solutions from over 50 Industry and Government FACE members, covering all segments of the FACE Solution stack. These FACE demonstrations will show how it proves the value of open standards-based systems that encourage innovation, and will increase quality, accelerate airworthiness, and speed deployment of critical, advanced technologies to our warfighters.

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) will also highlight how it supports warfighters in the field by arming them with electronic tools they need for mission success. It will outline how the SOSA Technical Standard and Ecosystem supports acceleration of the development of affordable, agile, and composable sensor systems. Finally, it will explore how, in line with the MOSA directive from the Department of Defense, the SOSA Technical Standard leverages modular design and widely supported, consensus-based, non-proprietary standards for key interfaces.

In addition to overviews from FACE and SOSA, presentations throughout the day will include:

  • Keynotes by Lt General Shaun Morris, Commander of Air Force Lifecycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and Ms. Jaqueline Janning-Lask, Director of Engineering and Technical Management Services, AFLCMC, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
  • Scaling Connections within the FACE™ Transport Services Segment, by RTI
  • Open Architecture Through Firmware Containers, by SwRI
  • VITA 90 VNX+: A New Open System Standard for Small Form Factor, by ELMA Electronic, Collins Aerospace
  • Evolving Small Form Factor Architecture for SOSA, by Samtec, Collins Aerospace, Antara Teknik, Ideas-TEK
  • Leveraging Open Industry Standards to Refine and Accelerate FACE Deployments, by RTI

The TIM is free to attend thanks to our sponsors: Elma Electronic and Lockheed Martin. Find all details, including the agenda here.


About The Open Group

The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 870 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries. Further information on The Open Group can be found at


About FACE™ Consortium

The FACE™ Consortium is a government, academia, and industry partnership formed to define an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types. It has since grown into an aviation-focused professional group made up of industry suppliers, customers, and users. It provides a vendor-neutral forum for industry, academia, and government to work together to develop and consolidate the open standards, best practices, guidance documents, and business strategy. These objectives promote acquisition of affordable software systems, innovation, rapid integration of portable capabilities across global defense programs, and higher efficiency to deploy capabilities.

About SOSA™ Consortium

The Open Group SOSA™ Consortium enables government and industry to collaboratively develop open standards and best practices to enable, enhance, and accelerate the deployment of affordable, capable, interoperable sensor systems. SOSA is creating open system reference architectures applicable to military and commercial sensor systems and a business model that balances stakeholder interests. The architectures employ modular design and use widely supported, consensus-based, non-proprietary standards for key interfaces.

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