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Case Studies and Testimonials

IT4IT Case Studies

IT4IT™ - Driving IT Strategic Planing at ExxonMobil with IT4IT™ - Rick Solis

IT4IT™ - Real Case Study (# 1) IT4IT™ - Mark Bodman

IT4IT Testimonials

Georg Bock, HPE (An IT4IT™ Forum Founding Member) - Why IT4IT is Strategic and Why the IT Industry needs it

Karel van Zeeland, Lead Architect for IT4IT™ at Shell, talks about the need for the IT4IT Reference Architecture

Discussion Panels and Interviews

Early Adopters discuss IT4IT

A conversation with Gene Kim about IT4IT™️ and DevOps


daniel benton

"Hybrid architectures, new sourcing models and new delivery models mean that the IT environment is more complex than ever, making it challenging for CIOs to maintain control whilst maintaining the agility and flexibility they need in today’s digital environment.  Tools are available to help, but so far tend to be point solutions , developed in silos.

With IT4IT, we envision the development of industrialized IT operations, supported by integrated automation that uses a common framework across the value chain, from investment portfolio management to the delivery and management of IT operations. As a founding member of the IT4IT Forum, Accenture seeks to work with IT customers and vendors within The Open Group to make this vision a reality.”

Daniel Benton, Global Managing Director, IT Strategy, Accenture

dirk heiss

“Cloud services and multi-provider outsourcing are adding new degrees of complexity to IT service management. The IT4IT Forum will use its real life cross-industry expertise to define a new operating model for IT – and will drive tool vendors to deliver toolsets optimized to support this new IT4IT industry open standard."

Dirk Heiss, Global Infrastructure Services Officer, Munich RE

“In our industry, control of the end-to-end IT Value Chain is mandatory. That particularly includes effective and dynamic management of a multi-sourced landscape, which can only become a cost-efficient and high quality reality with the right level of standardization. We’re committed to the IT4IT initiative, as we strongly believe in a community driven open standard as the basis for sustainable competitiveness. We’ve done it in other areas and know that it works.”
Ton van der Linden, CIO, Achmea


"Corporate IT departments are facing an unprecedented level of change. To remain competitive, IT is constantly under pressure to deliver more value at a faster pace and lower cost, while ensuring cyber-security, adopting new market technologies, and managing the rapidly changing supplier landscape.

For this reason Shell is invested in The Open Group IT4IT Forum with the aim to share expertise and jointly design a comprehensive and integrated model for managing the business of IT. Adopting the resulting IT4IT Reference Architecture standard will now deliver value to Shell IT operations in areas such as improved interoperability in a multi-vendor environment with greater control through insights into the cost, value, risk, and performance throughout the IT lifecycle."
Scott Wahl, CIO, Shell Global Functions and IT4IT Decision Executive