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  • Director of WOW! Real Time Automation, Inc.

    Q: How long have you been involved with The Open Group?
    A relatively short time. Our company joined when we decided to get more involved in the PackML standard. 

    Q. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it? 
    Personally, I wear a number of hats. As the owner of the company I gave myself the title “Director of WOW!.” It means that I am responsible for creating an environment where RTA innovatively applies technology to our customer’s problems and delivers straight forward, uncomplicated solutions and a WOW! experience.

    Q: Why did your organization become a member of The Open Group Open Process Automation™ Forum and what does your involvement look like? 
    We believe that PackML over OPC UA is extremely effective at reducing the integration costs of machines on the factory floor. We are interested in advancing the development and deployment of PackML.

    Q: How has membership in The Open Group benefited you, your organization and the industry at large?
    We’ve met some wonderful people, learned more about the technology and enjoyed working on the standard.

    Q: What contributions do you hope to bring to The Open Group?
    One of my pet peeves is that standards organizations by their nature often deliver a lot of complexity. It’s difficult for groups of engineers to deliver a standard that meets the majority of the needs in a simple way. Getting to 99% means that a lot more complexity must be added. I think a lot can be accomplished by keeping things simple and not meeting the requirements of every application.

    Q: Why is it important for other organizations to join The Open Group?
    Working in organizations like The Open Group expands your horizons and assists your organization in thinking more broadly about the industry. It is very helpful as you think about the ways you want to help your own customers be more successful.

    Q: What are your hobbies?
    I am a scuba diver, writer of books on interpersonal relationships and devotee of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

    Q: What book are you currently reading?
    It’s the 75thanniversary of D-day this year and I am currently reading books on the D-day landings. I am attending a history tour to France in September with a military historian and he has provided ten books for us to read in preparation for the tour. I just completed The Americans at D-Day and Stephen Ambrose’s Pegasus Bridge.

    Q.  What social networks do you belong to?
    None really. I’ll post an article to LinkedIn occasionally but that is all.

    Q: Any last thoughts?
    I am disappointed that PackML is not getting as much traction as I would hope. I hope that changes in the future.



    John Rinaldi is Chief Strategist and Director of WOW! for Real Time Automation (RTA) in Pewaukee WI. John is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science (MS CS). His work experience includes Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark and Rockwell Automation.

    John and his team of expert automation specialists at Real Time Automation supply industrial and building network connectivity software and products all over the world. With a focus on simplicity, support, expert consulting and tailoring for specific customer applications, RTA is meeting customer needs in applications worldwide. 

    John is now not only a recognized expert in industrial networks and an automation strategist but a speaker, blogger, the author of over 30 articles on industrial networking and the author of five books:


    John Rinaldi

    Real Time Automation


    May 2019