David Lounsbury

David - Chief Digital Officer for The Open Group - oversees development, delivery, and implementation of digital, independently used standards. Digital standards can be best used together to accelerate the adoption of digital practices across an organization, facilitating sustainable and enduring value.

In his previous role as The Open Group CTO, David ensured that the people and IT resources at The Open Group were effectively used to implement the organization’s strategy and mission. This includes The Open Group proven processes for collaboration and certification both within the organization and in support of third-party consortia.

David's other previous executive assignments at The Open Group and the Open Software Foundation (OSF) include VP Advanced Research and Innovation which fostered open systems technology through collaborative funding and development, including LDAP, ActiveX Core Technology, DCE 1.2, CDE-Next, and Complex Text Layout.

David holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is holder of three US patents.

Job Title: 
Chief Digital Officer
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