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Dr. Che Haiping


Dr. Haiping Che received his PhD Degree in Automatic Control Theory & Application from Nankai University Tianjin, China in 1997. Now he is the senior vice president and Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Huawei, engaged in the industry development of telecom digital transformation.

Since joining Huawei in 1997, Dr. Che has participated in and led various products & solutions R&D and business operations of telecom network equipment and services, including GSM Core Network system, SMS center, Mobile Intelligent Network and Prepaid, Familiarity Card, Mobile T

runking Network, M


obile Money service, WCDMA Core Network System, Digital Service Platform, Music, Reading, Video, Animation Services, Convergent Billing system, Carrier CRM/BSS system and so on, these all provide enabling solutions for global telecom operators to increase revenue and increase efficiency. 

Dr. Che has made great contributions for Huawei to take the lead in wireless products, core network products, value-added service products, Convergent Billing products, and promoted the telecom industry from TDM to the IP era in a large scale. He has in-depth expertise in the equipment market and production service market of the telecom industry, and has a systematic view of the relationship between the development of the software industry and the digital transformation of various industries.


 Dr. Che has held multiple senior management positions across various R&D, marketing, strategy and business development since joined Huawei. He has been appointed as PDT manager of Mobile Intelligent Network, WCDMA core network, director of the Mobile Core Network product dept, vice president of wireless product line, deputy director of core network business dept, president of the Application and Software Product Line, vice president and CTO of Huawei Software Company, vice president and CTO of the Carrier Software & Core Network Business Unit. He has accumulated rich experience in product planning and lifecycle management, product R&D management, and strategy and industry development management.

Due to the technological innovation of the Mobile Intelligent Network and the social and economic benefits of the Prepaid service, Dr. Che was awarded the First Grade Prize of China National Technology Advancement in 2001. Since 2010 he has been the member of Board of Directors of TM Form to promote the digital transformation of telecom and related industries.


Job Title
Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.