Etienne Terpstra-Hollander

Mr. Terpstra-Hollander is currently Lead Technologist (Master Level) within Micro Focus for North and South Europe, where he advises customers and creates solution architectures in the area of IT Management, spanning IT Strategy, Planning and Governance, DevOps, IT Operations and Demand & Supply Chain Management. He is involved as a thought leader in improving Micro Focus’ IT Operations Management products, solutions and services, and uses the IT4IT Reference Architecture as the main reference for his work. He is actively involved in defining and realizing the Micro Focus product and GTM strategy together with the Micro Focus offices for Strategy and Solutions. He is an evangelist for the use of IT4IT Reference Architecture and IT4IT based solutions and represents Micro Focus at various seminars as a speaker. His experience covers more than 20 years of designing, developing and implementing IT management solutions, based upon the Micro Focus Enterprise Software portfolio.

Mr. Terpstra-Hollander has been involved with The Open Group since 2012.  For the IT4IT Forum, he
co-authored a paper that led to the Request-to-Fulfill value stream. He has participated in many
cross-Forum workgroups and is currently a Steering Committee member and Work Group member for the IT4IT Forum. He is co-author of the normative IT4IT standard (doc ref. C155) and 2 IT4IT guidance documents: The IT4IT Management Guide (doc ref. G160) and the IT4IT Intelligence and Reporting Guide (doc ref. G18E). 

Mr. Terpstra-Hollander holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Chemistry from Saxion University.

Job Title: 
Lead Technologist North and South Europe, Professional Services, Micro Focus
The Open Group Platinum Members