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Jim Hietala

Jim Hietala, Open FAIR, CISSP, GSEC, is Vice President, Sustainability and Market Development for The Open Group, where he is responsible for sustainability programs, including market development for our Open Footprint™ Forum standards initiative, as well as development of our internal sustainability plan.  The Open Footprint Forum is creating standards to ease data management issues associated with scope 1/2/3 greenhouse gas emissions reporting. The Open Footprint Forum standards will reduce risks associated with emissions reporting, as well as unlocking value associated with climate and emissions decision making. Jim is also responsible for market development associated with our Open Professions program. 

In previous roles at The Open Group, Jim was responsible for incubating and launching new standards initiatives such as the Open Footprint Forum, the OSDU™ Forum, and the Open Process Automation™ Forum, managing the business development team, and directing  our security standards portfolio, including the Open FAIR™ cyber risk quantification program.
Jim is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and he holds a B.S. in Marketing from Southern Illinois University.


Job Title
Vice President, Sustainability and Market Development