Junkyo (Jack) Fujieda

Junkyo (Jack) Fujieda, the founder and CEO of ReGIS (Research Environment of Global Information Society) Inc., a global research and consulting firm, leads all activities related to The Open Group in Japan since 1998. At the same timing, Jack has been lecturer, visiting professors to the graduate school of Chuo University until 2003 March and from April 2004, Shinshu University Management School as Visiting professor & also Kyoto university lecturer until 2014 and Visiting professors to Tokyo Denki University. And As the chairman of Japan Open Group activity promoting the value of the membership, adapting the open standards and teaching the standard for Certifications., Prior to his involvement with The Open Group, Jack Fujieda worked for 23 years at IBM, starting as a systems engineer, SOP Architect, product manager, SE manager, sales manager, branch manager, and director of the complex systems division, covering finance, transportation, media, communication, public sectors, Government, distribution, Automobile and retail industry in the field. After IBM, Jack joined CSK as Board member and launched the first commercial UNIX® in Japan in 1985. And engaging development of 24 new venture companies including SEGA, Value added Data center, Software Packages, Advanced Research Institute, Computer Graphic Company, Bell System 24, System Sales, IBM, NTT, KDDI, JR joint ventures and International CSK Corp. as 6 CXOs roles, and the 16 board of Directors and as SVP of CSK group HQ and joined The X-Open & OSF, as members, who are merged into The Open Group in 1995.


Jack Fujieda holds a Bachelor of Art degree from Kyoto University. He is the master of IBM SOP, BSP and TOGAF® 8 & 9.2, ArchiMate® 3.0 and also lectures on “Open systems”, “CRM” and “IT venture management” as visiting professor at the universities quoted above. Jack is also the representative directors and Chairman of the general LLP, “CRM Association in Japan”.


He published many books.“Project Management Theory”( IBM-Japan, 1968, Author),“Architecture for Large Systems Projects”(Kyoritsu Publish Co, 1974, Author),“Systems Theory” (Information Processing Society of Japan, 1988, Author), Junior Summit’95 Executive Summary”(J-Summit NPO, 1996, Editor),2006 “Rise, fall and rise again of IT in global Information society(Author) (10 years GIS Forum History) ReGIS Inc; “CRM Best Practices-2004---2018”(20052019, Publishing Preface and articles as the president of CRM Association in Japan),“ArchiMate® Ver. 3.0.1 Japanese”(2018, Editor,Translation),“TOGAF® Standard Ver. 9.2 Japanese”(2018, EditorTranslation).

Job Title: 
Representative and Chairman, The Open Group Japan
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