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OTTF Testimonials

Why we participate in the OTTF

“CA Technologies is proud to be a founder of The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum. We recognize that the global community in which we operate needs an international, standardsbased program that gives vendors confidence that the technologies in their supply chain are secure and meet the same high standards they hold for themselves. The criteria developed by the OTTF will assist buyers in their due diligence and help speed time-to-market.”
Tim Brown, Chief Security Architect, CA Technologies

“Cisco is privileged to collaborate with the IT community reflected in the OTTF to proactively address global supply-chain security concerns facing us all. The OTTF provides the opportunity to evolve international standards, which may be referenced by existing multi-national certification programs, such as Common Criteria, and used as a meaningful indicator of product assurance. Ultimately, improved standards keep us all accountable and allow the consumer to purchase with confidence.”
Edna Conway, Chief Security Strategist, Global Supply Chain, Cisco

“HP recognizes the importance of a trustworthy and assured secure global supply chain, and welcomes this new Open Group initiative to identify and establish best practices and strategies.”
Mark Schiller, Director, Security Office, HP

“IBM is a founding member of The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum because building security into the critical systems of the planet requires global, multi-disciplinary, and multi-sector collaboration. Through this collaboration, IBM and other OTTF participants will identify and promote for global adoption the best practices and tools that enable technology users and
suppliers alike to confidently develop, integrate, and update essential security protections within the fabric of their critical systems.”
Andras Szakal, VP, CTO, IBM & Distinguished Engineer, Board Member of The Open Group

“Microsoft supports The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum goal of publishing practices that ultimately help protect end users. Our experience applying the Security Development Lifecycle to numerous Microsoft products over a period of six years has demonstrated that targeted security activities executed throughout the phases of the traditional software development life cycle and as part of a repeatable process result in security gains.”
Steve Lipner, Senior Director, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

“MITRE is pleased to be participating in The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum as it strives to improve the security posture of information technology coming from industry. Their focus on the supply chain and industry development practices, international membership, and vendor-neutral perspective offers a promising complement to other activities in the community. We look forward to working with the Forum to make progress in this critical area.”
Dr. Louis Metzger, MITRE Fellow & Corporate Chief Engineer

"Organizations around the world reap tremendous benefits of a global supply chain producing feature-rich commercial hardware and software. At the same time, these organizations want greater insight into the specific risks of increased global sourcing. Oracle is pleased to share its expertise, and participate in the vendor-neutral OTTF initiative. It is our hope that the Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) will bring a focus on identifying real-world challenges, and ultimately will define well-defined practices for risk mitigation of global supply chains, which will ultimately help ensure customers around the globe that they can buy and deploy commercial hardware and software with confidence."
Mary Ann Davidson, CSO, Oracle

Why we Support OTTF

“The Open Group has long served as an open environment and facilitator whereby members around the world collaborate to create initiatives that drive industry standards development and certification programs. By forming the OTTF in response to the growing need to address global cyber threats, we are fortunate to be able to draw from some of the most innovative organizations in the world as founding members and look to their leadership to grow the Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) and provide best practices to all industries and governments.”
David Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer, The Open Group