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The Open Group® Future Airborne Capability Environment™ Consortium (FACE️™ Consortium) Announces New Training Course Accreditation Program

New program providing accreditation for training courses around the FACE Standard and FACE Conformance


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, DECEMBER 2, 2021: This week, The Open Group® Future Airborne Capability Environment™️ Consortium (FACE™ Consortium) announced a new training accreditation program. The program provides accreditation for training courses designed to help people acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding of the FACE Standard and the FACE Conformance program.

Under the new accreditation program, each training course is provided by Accredited Course Providers. The accredited training course providers are professional training organizations with a proven track record on delivering high quality training. To have a training course accredited, there is a rigorous assessment which assures the course is both comprehensive and meets the stated objectives required. Accredited Courses are a prerequisite of many companies and governments as they add prestige and credibility.

As a government and industry partnership, the FACE Consortium provides an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types. By integrating technical and business practices, the FACE approach helps establish a standard common operating environment to support portable capabilities across avionics systems, so organizations can reuse capability-based software components across different hardware computing environments.

Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group, said: “The Open Group FACE Accreditation Program represents a significant milestone in the FACE Ecosystem by adding training and education to support the procurement of avionics systems. Accreditation from The Open Group provides a mark of quality, that course materials and training provisions meet the high levels of professionalism that The Open Group requires. This will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of the FACE Technical Standard and Conformance Program, bringing benefits to buyers and vendors alike.”

The accreditation program will include training courses such as:

  • FACE Conformance Training enables learners to gain knowledge from a business and technical viewpoint of the FACE Conformance Program process, the roles within the program, as well as what can be certified.
  • FACE Data Modeling enables learners to gain knowledge from a technical viewpoint of the Data Modeling Concepts within the FACE Technical Standard, the FACE Data Architecture Data Model Language, FACE Data Model types, and the FACE Data Model structure. In addition to knowledge, the course includes a practical understanding of how to build and use FACE Data Models.
  • FACE Transport Services enables learners to gain knowledge from a technical viewpoint on the Transport Services within the FACE Technical Standard, and understand the Unit of Conformance types and best practices for implementation.


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