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The Open Group Launches Data Scientist Certification Program

The Open Group Launches Data Scientist Certification Program


Industry-first Certification enables Data Scientists to demonstrate value and helps employers to ensure the right skills are in place to drive business change


San Francisco, CA - January 29, 2019 – Today The Open Group, the vendor- and technology-neutral technology consortium, announced the availability of its Data Scientist Certification Program. From today, the Data Scientist Certification is available to individuals who demonstrate skills and experience in the Data Science profession, and have applied those skills to solve business problems and drive change within an organization. 


Data Science has been the top role in the US for four consecutive year and is increasingly identified as an essential component for business growth. The Open Group has recognized this evolution by creating a new professional program helping employers to understand the level of skills and experience that an individual has within the industry, and for individuals to better demonstrate their value to an organization.  


“Data Scientists are pioneers working on mission critical issues within an organization, so it’s essential they have the right skills and can apply the appropriate methodologies to solve the business problem at hand,” said Andrew Josey, VP, Standards and Certification at The Open Group. “We want to empower organizations and individuals through a well-vetted industry level agreement for the data science profession, helping in the fight for the best talent and ensuring that data scientists have the necessary skills to fulfil a business need. This certification program is the first step on this journey, and we’re looking forward to working closely with IBM and other industry leaders to navigate this changing business landscape.”


Individuals can certify their skills and experience directly through the program, or organizations can adopt The Open Group Standards and build an internal certification process, which requires accreditation by The Open Group. Individuals are peer reviewed to ensure they meet the necessary standards and will sit under one of three levels of skills and experience – ranging from initial supervised experience to thought leaders in Data Science working across multi-functional teams. 


The Data Scientist Certification Program was initially brought to The Open Group by IBM, and then worked on collaboratively with other members of The Open Group. IBM became the first accredited organization to offer the Data Scientist certification in January 2019. 


"The data science landscape is evolving at warp speed, leaving organizations scrambling and struggling to identify, train and retain employees in this discipline,"said Martin Fleming, Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Economist, IBM. "That's why IBM worked in lock-step with The Open Group to build and codify the most progressive set of requirements needed to advance the careers of data scientists. As artificial intelligence continues to permeate all aspects of business, this first of a kind certification will give organizations of any size the tools needed to begin extracting insights from their growing data volumes and start making data-driven decisions."


You can find more information on the Data Scientist Certification Program here.


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