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The Open Group Launches the Open Footprint™ Forum

The Open Group Launches the Open Footprint™ Forum

The Forum will collaborate to increase accuracy and transparency around industry measurement and

reporting of environmental footprint data

London, UK, August 25, 2020


The Open Group

, the vendor-neutral technology consortium, today

announced the formation of the Open Footprint™ Forum, a Forum of The Open Group. This Forum will be

focused on developing open and vendor-neutral industry standards to provide consistent and accurate

measurement and reporting of environmental footprint data. The initial launch will focus on greenhouse

gas (GHG) emissions data. The Forum will also cover the entire physical environmental footprint to

include water, waste, and land data.

“Accurate data on environmental footprint data is critical for modern enterprises – not only for mandatory

government compliance reporting and meeting customer and partner demands, but also for taking action,”

said Johan Krebbers,

GM Digital Emerging Technologies/VP IT Innovation at





face significant challenges when it comes to managing their environmental footprints such as a lack of

consistency, compatibility, and interoperability

throughout supply chains, as well as a shortage of

standards for recording and processing this type of data.”

To meet the increasing business need for transparent and uniform reporting on environmental footprint

data, the Forum will collaborate on the definition, design, and delivery of Open Footprint Data Platform

standards. In the case of reporting GHG emissions, accurate data on emissions, consumptions, and base

calculations will enable businesses to compare the footprint of goods and services in the value chain

across every industry.

Alongside these standards, the Forum will create an open source-based system which will be accessible

to all organizations. This Reference Implementation will act as the foundation for organizations to harness

their own Open Footprint Data Forum implementations expected to be available from multiple parties.

“There is an urgent need to transform how we manage and report on environmental footprint data,” said

Steve Nunn, President and CEO of The Open Group. “By utilizing new digital technologies and drawing

on a huge amount of industry expertise, we are dedicated to enhancing reliability, credibility, and

accountability around environmental data reporting to benefit businesses, governments, NGOs, and

society as a whole. As an increasing number of organizations join the Forum, including operators,

suppliers, and academic institutions from all industries, we are set to make substantial headway in helping

businesses to better measure, monitor, and report their environmental footprints through the creation of

open technology standards.”

There are currently fifteen organizations from multiple industries committed as members of the Open

Footprint Forum, including Accenture, BP, Chevron, Cognite, DNV GL, Emisoft, Equinor, Halliburton,

Infosys, Intel, Microsoft, Schlumberger, Shell, University of Oslo, and Wipro.

Working together, member

organizations will take an agile approach to the development of the Open Footprint Data Platform


The Open Footprint Forum is open to all organizations. Information about the Forum and membership can

be found




About The Open Group

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