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Ottawa 2017: Proceedings - IT4IT™ Forum

IT4IT™ Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objectives of the Ottawa event for the IT4IT Forum were to:

  • Host IT4IT Member Meetings for face-to-face Work Group sessions to:


    • Support the efficiency of in-person/live working sessions for the many new topical Work Groups that were kicked off in January 2017 at The Open Group San Francisco event (directly after the new version of the IT4IT standard, Version 2.1 was released)
    • Preview work done over the last quarter to members and get their feedback
    • Kick off two new IT4IT Forum Work Groups: Strategy to Portfolio and Product Life Cycle Management
    • Participate in two cross-Forum Work Groups – Harmonization and Cybersecurity
  • Host the IT4IT in Practice plenary track series to:
    • Present sessions showing specific examples of how and why major companies in multiple regions are applying the IT4IT standard in their organizations today
    • Videotape track sessions and post session speaker interviews (sometimes in native languages) to provide all Forum members access to this valuable insight in practical applications of the IT4IT standard
  • Provide an opportunity for valuable business and personal networking between members, especially in exchanging information that supports each other in being more successful in their professional roles in their organizations


IT4IT Forum Plenary Track

On Monday morning July 17, the IT4IT Forum hosted the IT4IT™ in Practice track which included user stories of how the IT4IT standard is being used in well-known companies, as well as a presentation about how a savvy IT leader can marry key IT Management Frameworks to be best prepared to lead in the Digital Enterprise:

  • Transforming the Business of IT at Nationwide – Michael Fulton
  • IT4IT™ Leveraged in Business Capability Mapping – Edvaldo Carmo
  • Taking your Own Medicine: An IT4IT™ Case Study – Lars Rossen
  • IT is too Important to Leave to IT – Mark Smalley

IT4IT Forum Members' Meetings

On Monday morning, most IT4IT Forum members attended the Plenary sessions and Monday afternoon members attending the IT4IT track sessions.

On Tuesday morning, most IT4IT Forum members attended the Plenary sessions and, during the late morning, IT4IT Steering Committee members met for 75 minutes.

Chair Rob Akershoek opened the Steering Committee meeting by presenting the State of the IT4IT Forum report showing metrics to members. Many of these metrics on Forum membership, Certifications, and Accredited Training Providers are publicly available on The Open Group website ( and/or the IT4IT Forum landing page (

Then, from Tuesday afternoon July 18 through the end of the day Wednesday July 19, each of the following IT4IT Forum Work Group leaders hosted working sessions for their IT4IT technical, business, or cross-Forum Work Groups to present a brief status report and continue advancing the work stream:

  • Supporting Activities/Governance-Risk-Compliance – Rob Akershoek, Logicalis SMC
  • Vertical Service Model – Lars Rossen, HPE
  • Business Value of the IT4IT Reference Architecture – David Morlitz, IBM
  • Interoperability & Tool Certification – Karel van Zeeland and Guido Millenaar, Logicalis SMC
  • IT4IT+TOGAF®+ArchiMate® Harmonization – Iver Band, Cambria Health, Rob Akershoek, Logicalis SMC, Mike Lambert, The Open Group
  • Strategy to Portfolio (New!) – a new Work Group chaired by Jeannine McConnell of ServiceNow
    She shared the Work Group Charter focusing on building awareness of the convergence of business strategy with IT strategy into the IT4IT Strategy to Portfolio value stream. She opened with an interest in content and positioning for the role of the Business Relationship Manager considered a key player for and consumer of S2P and the business in modernizing how to do business and IT planning in a Digital Enterprise.
  • Product Life Cycle Management (New!) – a new Work Group chaired by Dan Warfield of CC & C Solutions
    Dan shared the Work Group Charter focused on moving to strategic management of the roadmap for the IT4IT standard (and which Work Groups are needed to deliver what critical path content) as well as focused on bringing immediacy to resolving any quality issues that may occur in the IT4IT standard publication (errors, redundancies, inconsistencies) and laying the groundwork for an even better IT4IT certification process (targets to refine in the IT4IT Conformance Requirements).

Cross-Forum Meetings

  • Harmonization – IT4IT, TOGAF®, and ArchiMate® Standards
    The Harmonization cross-Forum meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon July 19. Each of these three Open Group standards provided a leader to co-host this collaboration to advance the alignment between the standards as well as to illuminate how to use the standards together for better business benefit. The IT4IT Forum was represented by our Forum Chair, Rob Akershoek. The ArchiMate Forum was represented by their Chair, Iver Band of Cambia Health. The Architecture Forum was represented by Mike Lambert, standing in for Lukasz Wrzesniewski of Architecture Center who has been driving the content and contributions for the TOGAF aspects.
  • Cybersecurity Coordination Project
    This cross-Forum initiative was held on Wednesday morning and hosted by Sally Long – the former Forum Director of The Open Group Trusted Techology Forum (OTTF). The Open Group IT4IT Forum was represented by IT4IT Forum Chair, Rob Akershoek of Logicalis SMC and he came prepared to share the security touchpoints that are covered by the IT4IT standard in each of the four value streams in the IT Value Chain – Plan, Build/Source, Deliver, Run.


  • Detailed meeting minutes (posted on the IT4IT Forum collaboration website under “Materials: Ottawa 2017”)
  • A list of actionable proposed feedback to guide the development of content that each Work Group has in progress (within the minutes for each Work Group including the cross-Forum Work Groups)
  • Agreement to go forward with both new work groups – Strategy to Portfolio and Product Life Cycle Management with the Charters as the Chairs presented them in Ottawa
  • High-level planning for both the upcoming Amsterdam and San Diego events for tracks, members' meetings, and a newly proposed “IT Management Professionals Symposium Day” under exploration for value and feasibility
  • Track speaker Ed Carmo recorded two video interviews for placement on YouTube for viewing by the public later: one in Spanish, one in Portugese. The subject of these interviews was the value of the IT4IT standard as experienced by his customers during recent IT management consulting and strategy engagements based on the IT4IT standard for specific use-cases

Next Steps

  • Each Work Group is committed to following up on the actionable feedback collected at the face-to-face meetings and delivering against their stated roadmap of deliverables for the year
  • The Open Group IT4IT Forum will assist the new Work Groups – Strategy to Portfolio and Product Life Cycle Management – to get up-and-running and attract more member participation
  • Continue work to attract more members into active participation in the Forum work streams
  • Refine the objectives of the “Harmonization” joint activity between the IT4IT, TOGAF®, and ArchiMate® standards to produce models of IT4IT Level 1 and Level 2 in the ArchiMate language and to present a TOGAF + IT4IT White Paper into The Open Group White Paper Review Process for possible approval and publication this year
  • Architect a method/vehicle to use to provide a status update on each IT4IT Forum Work Group PRIOR to each live event
    The objective is to make the Work Group session more about working on open issues and advancing content with live members, and to be less about providing status reports to members who have not been participating in the virtual meetings. The proposal is to have each Work Group leader record a 5 to 10 minute update and make those recordings available to all members quarterly and make them “pre-work” for each live attendee to the events to, for example, view on the airplane to be prepared to enter the live member meetings fully briefed and prepared to work on issues.


The following links are available to members of the IT4IT Forum only: