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Ottawa 2017: Proceedings - Cybersecurity Coordination

Joint Session: Cybersecurity Coordination

Wednesday, July 19, 2017,  09:00 – 12:30

Objective of Meeting

A cybersecurity coordination project was recently initiated within The Open Group. This session will focus on one of the primary objectives for this project: to determine where The Open Group Forums can work more effectively together to address cybersecurity work areas that might be relevant to multiple Forums. Many Forums are already working together in joint task groups, but this project will look at whether we should expand and coordinate our collaborative efforts more holistically.

Preliminary work on this exploratory phase began last quarter by working with all Forums to identify:

  1. Existing cybersecurity work areas within The Open Group Forums
  2. Any gaps in cybersecurity areas that members would like to see addressed

This identification phase was followed by a prioritization “survey” asking members to prioritize the cybersecurity areas they felt were relevant to their constituents/customers and to their own organizations.

The objective for this joint-Forum session was to present and discuss the high-priority activities from the prioritization exercise and then to work together to refine their description sufficiently for an organization to get us started on a project proposal for the high-priority item(s).


The session began with a description of the project, including the preliminary work that had already been completed and the work areas that were identified as priorities as a result of that preliminary work. The session continued by discussing those prioritized activities further, and then drafting and refining a proposal for a potential new joint work area.


  • Proposal wording drafted for a potential new joint work area related to cybersecurity

Next Steps

The following next steps, will be taken this quarter:

  • Refine the new project proposal to address the high-priority item(s) – we will not propose the type of project (e.g., project within a Forum, joint project with other Forums, or company-wide Work Group) – just the focus of the project
  • Send out the project proposal to members to determine interest/critical mass
  • Analyze responses to determine correlation of interest between specific Forums
    This will help determine the type of project (e.g., project within a Forum, joint project with other Forums, company-wide Work Group) and thus help shape recommendations.
  • Make a recommendation to The Open Group Executive Team


The links to the presentations and detailed notes and draft project proposal are not included as they are for members only and will be provided to the Forum Directors for further distribution to their Forum members.