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Ottawa 2017: Proceedings - Open Process Automation™ Forum

Open Process Automation™ Forum

Wednesday, July 19 & Thursday, July 20, 2017

Objective of Meeting

The Forum held two full days of Member meetings. The objectives of the meetings were to advance the work of the Forum and establish working relationships between the Forum Business, Architecture, Technology, and Standards Work Groups (WG).

The individual WG objectives included:

  • Business WG: progress work on the Business Guide and formalizing marketing and outreach plans
  • Technology WG: advance the development of the Technical Architecture Reference Model
  • Architecture WG: formulate structure and tooling for Requirements Management
  • Standards Body Interface WG: advance strategy for working with other Standards Development Organization and Consortia


Each Forum WG held multiple breakout sessions to advance their own work. Specifically:

  • Joint:


    • The Architecture WG held joint individual meetings with the Business and Technology WGs to coordinate the process by which requirements would captured and processed.
  • Business:
    • Reviewed the draft content of the Open Process Automation Business Guide
    • Reviewed and updated Marketing & Outreach plans
    • Finalized Charter for the WG and developed draft Charters for new Sub-Committees
  • Technology:
    • Reviewed Technology Architecture Reference Model draft work to date
    • Advanced Technology Architecture Reference Model draft
    • Determined which new Sub-Committees should be set up
  • Architecture:
    • Reviewed Business and Technology requirements with each of the WGs
    • Evaluated potential Requirements Management tool for Forum’s needs applicability
  • Standards:
    • Reviewed, modified, and agreed WG Charter


Each WG advanced their agendas on various work items on their roadmaps.

Next Steps

There is a Technical Architecture Reference Model Workshop, hosted by Schneider-Electric, at their offices in Houston, Texas, scheduled for August 8 to 10.

Weekly WebEx meetings will continue to advance the work of the Forum and its WGs.