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San Diego 2018: Proceedings - Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum: TOGAF® Standard Evolution

Wednesday, January 31, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss and plan the TOGAF® standard evolution and review cycle and provide an overview or the current activities in place to evolve the standard and its ecosystem, expected roadmaps, and actions that need to be performed to comply with the delivery of the different products in time. The role and relation to other Forum committees, such as the TOGAF Standard Standing Committee, was also discussed.


The meeting started with the welcome message delivered by The Open Group Architecture Forum Chair, agreement on the agenda, and the attendees' presentation.

Then following the agenda the different topics were covered starting with the status of the current standard review cycle and the next actions that have to be taken to address the impact of the changes in the existing standard ecosystem considering the different stakeholders identified in the session. The best approach to handle the set of changes that are still pending (in the backlog) was also discussed, and the support and key role of the TOGAF Standard Standing Committee.

Forward planning for the current year was also presented and discussed.


  • Detailed meeting minutes
  • List of open actions related to the topics discussed

Next Steps

  • Coordinate with the different stakeholders identified in the session to fulfil the actions defined
  • Follow up the agreed actions defined in the session