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San Diego 2018: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners Work Group

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group held three sessions at the San Diego event to increase awareness of the group's work and agree on a future direction for the deliverables.


The Work Group held two informational sessions and a closed members' meeting.

Digital Practitioners Track (Tuesday, 4:00 – 5:30)

Charlie Betz presented “A New Dimension for Training the Digital Practitioner”, which discussed the requirements for the development of a digital workforce. Vidhya Sriram highlighted the critical need to focus on customer experience as part of a digital-first market strategy in her presentation “Human Enablement is the Core of Digital Transformation”.

Digital Practitioners Day (Wednesday, 9:00 – 12.30)

Charlie Betz, Venkat Nambiyur, and Sriram Sabesan gave brief introductory presentations and took part in a panel moderated by David Lounsbury to explore the common themes of digital practice, including models for digital businesses, key digital capabilities, and how to develop and manage a digital workforce. The discussion included:

  • The shift in market expectation to engage and emotionally connect through digital interactions
  • The need for the workforce that matches that market expectation
  • “Verticalized” or focused customer experience and delivery
  • The need for a career development “journey” for digital practitioners
  • The point that digitization is not equal to being digital – being digital is about opening up revenue streams based on digitally delivered products, digital intermediation of physical products, and enabling rapid deployment

Digital Practitioners Work Group Members' Meeting

Members of the Work Group discussed the landscape, scope, and roadmap for future deliverables, how to promote and grow group participation, and outreach to academia. The minutes of the Digital Practitioners Work Group members’ meeting are available here (members only).


A major output of this meeting was the release of the book “Managing Digital: Concepts and Practices”, published by The Open Group Press. This book provides a survey of critical knowledge for a digital workforce. It is intended to guide a practitioner through the journey of building a digital-first viewpoint and the skills needed to thrive in the digital-first world, and will provide material for the eventual publication of a Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge (DPBoK) by the Work Group.

Next Steps

The Work Group will continue the development of the DPBoK at its virtual meetings and at the London event.


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