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Scottsdale 2019: Proceedings - Business Architecture

Business Architecture Day

Wednesday, January 30 2019, 8.45 am to 5.30 pm

This was a well-attended session, with over 50 attendees.

Andrew Josey, VP Standards & Certification, The Open Group opened the session. The day started with a slido poll and inviting folks to submit questions via slido:

What are your reasons for attending the Business Architecture Day? (select up to 3 reasons)

  • To learn more about Business Architecture: 65%
  • I am a practicing Business Architect: 58%
  • Networking opportunities with other attendees: 46%
  • I am an Enterprise Architect: 35%
  • To learn about Business Architecture and how to apply it within the TOGAF® standard: 31%
  • I am presenting: 23%
  • To obtain a first introduction to Business Architecture: 4%

William Ulrich, BA Guild presented on the state of Business Architecture: this provided an overview of how the BA Guild sees Business Architecture (BA) as documented in the BIZBOK®. This included the overall basic BA domain structure (10 domains), a glimpse at a formal metamodel (explained in depth in a later session), and wrapped up with how to do BA in eight easy steps.

Alex Randell, Principal Financial Group shared a case study on how they built a BA practice in his company. This used a distributed center of excellence model.

Mike Rosen, Wilton Consulting presented Enterprise Architecture & Business Architecture: Essential Alignment. This included a simple model showing the aspects of Digital Transformation, a Strategic Architecture Framework (which looked a lot like the ArchiMate® core framework with the addition of performance, security, service, and integration as cross-cutting aspects. He showed an IDC model of the Digital Platform (the DX Platform).

Aaron Rorstrom, Capgemini presented on The Open Group O-BA Project: BA as Strategy for Business Transformation. This included a high-level overview of the contents, and the further development that is to become a TOGAF Series Guide.

Chalon Mullins, Kaiser Permanente presented a detailed case study on a Capability-Based Strategy for Radiology.

Jim Rhyne, Thematix presented on the Business Architecture Core Metamodel submission to the OMG. He walked through the metamodel in detail – discussing individual concepts and metamodel extracts.

Brian Lail, Raytheon then conducted another slido poll as we came back from the coffee break:

What is most critical for advancing Business Architecture in the TOGAF Ecosystem? (2 answers allowed)

  • The Open Group and Business Architecture Guild working together: 83%
  • Get all architects to stop speaking like geeks and speak in business terms: 42%
  • Digging deeper into alignment across the architecture domains: 33%
  • Get all the architects to stop pretending they’re using business terms: 25%
  • Fire the architects and have business leaders run infrastructure: 8%
  • Fire the business leadership and replace them with architects: 0%

Steve DuPont, The Boeing Company and Bryan Lail presented on the BA enhancements in the TOGAF Ecosystem. This was an update on the changes in the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 and the recent Business Architecture-related TOGAF Series Guides. It included showing how business models can be used to relate strategy to architecture, how the Business Model Canvas is used as an intuitive technique, and a look at capabilities, value streams, heat maps, and cross mapping.

The presentations were as follows (available to members and event attendees only):

  • Business Architecture: State of the Global Practice
    William Ulrich, TSG, Inc | Business Architecture Guild
  • Business Architecture in Practice
    Alex Randell, Assistant Director, Business Architecture, Principal Financial Group | Business Architecture Guild
  • Enterprise Architecture & Business Architecture: Essential Alignment
    Mike Rosen, Chief Scientist, Wilton Consulting | Business Architecture Guild
  • Business Architecture as Strategy for Business Transformation
    Aaron Rorstrom, Principal Enterprise Architect, Capgemini
  • Capability-Based Strategy for Radiology
    Chalon Mullins, Principal Business Architect, Kaiser Permanente | Business Architecture Guild
  • Business Architecture Core Metamodel Standard: OMG Update
    Chalon Mullins, Principal Business Architect, Kaiser Permanente | Business Architecture Guild; and
    Jim Rhyne, Partner, Thematix | Business Architecture Guild
  • Advancement of Business Architecture in the TOGAF® Ecosystem
    Steve DuPont, Associate Technical Fellow and Enterprise Architect, The Boeing Company; and
    Bryan Lail, Business Architect Fellow, Raytheon
  • PANEL: Business Architecture Open Discussion
    Moderated by: Bryan Lail
    Panelists: Steve DuPont, Chalon Mullins, Alex Randell, Jim Rhyne, Aaron Rorstrom, Mike Rosen William Ulrich