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Week of Oct. 19 - Oct. 23, 2020


*Reminder Daylight Savings Time will end on Sunday, October 25th in Europe and the U.S will follow suit one (1) week later on November 1st. During this time period, some members will see meetings changing by an hour depending on your local timezone. Most meetings are created in the Eastern timezone and therefore, it is recommended to confirm regular meetings via the Forum Plato calendars and the aggregated calendar. 

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PM - ET 12:00 - Steering Committe HOST CODE: 471521 

12:00 - Zero Trust Landscape WP HOST CODE: 955514

2:00 - Secrity Forum Content Update HOST CODE: 467953

5:00 - Zero Trust Reference Architecture & Model HOST CODE: 278936  12:00 - Zero Trust Architecture Project  HOST CODE: 376085   

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