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The Open Group INITIATE 
Enterprise Architecture Competition for Students 2024

The Open Group INITIATE program is thrilled to announce the Enterprise Architecture Competition for Students 2024, inviting participants from both management (MBA or equivalent) and engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent) disciplines. This competition promises a unique blend of immersive learning, hands-on problem-solving, and mentorship, offering students a profound experience in the dynamic realm of Enterprise Architecture.


What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning, and implementing enterprise analysis to successfully execute business strategies. Enterprise Architecture helps businesses to structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results, and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using Architecture Principles and practices.

The TOGAF® Standard of The Open Group is the most used framework for Enterprise Architecture that provides a best practice framework for adding value, and enables the organisation to build workable and economic solutions which address their business issues and needs.

How to apply Enterprise Architecture - TOGAF® Series Guide: A Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture Following the TOGAF® ADM  This document provides guidance on using the TOGAF framework to develop, maintain, and use an Enterprise Architecture.

Competition Themes

  • Sustainability
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Transformation
  • Organizational Agility Improvement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Change Management 
  • Platform Based Economy

Challenge Outline - Student teams will present their comprehensive solutions, showcasing how their proposed Enterprise Architecture approach can lead to successful enterprise transformations. This includes selecting a project, analyzing challenges, and developing deliverables with industry mentor guidance.

Further details and clarification will be provided during the guidance session post registration


Competition Highlights

  • Eligibility: Open to students pursuing MBA or equivalent management degrees and B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent engineering degrees.
  • Integrated Learning: Explore theory and hands-on projects guided by industry mentors.
  • Real-World Challenges: Engage with actual Enterprise Architecture challenges faced by organisations today.
  • Creative Solutions: Showcase your innovation and propose efficient Enterprise Architecture solutions.
  • Prizes and Recognition: The best projects will be honored at an award ceremony in New Delhi, with attractive cash prizes for the winning teams. Selected submissions may be showcased in other events and the material published in different forms.
  • Internships: Eligible teams may receive invitations for potential internships.


How to Participate

  • Team Formation: Build a team of 3 -5 students from the same university. Each team should have a minimum of 3 members but not more than 5 including the team leader. This excludes the industry mentor.
  • Registration: Visit this link to register your team.
  • Project Assignments: Engage in real-world Enterprise Architecture challenges and detailed project assignments.
  • Internships: There may be potential opportunities for internships for selected eligible teams.


Award Ceremony

The top teams will be invited to an exclusive award ceremony in New Delhi, where they will be recognised for their outstanding contributions to Enterprise Architecture.


Important Guidelines for Competition Registration

  • All the above-mentioned projects are team awards and not individual (student) projects
  • Students pursuing management (MBA or equivalent) and engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent) degrees are eligible for this competition. You can access the registration form here
  • There can be multiple teams from one university
  • Every team shall be assigned one or more industry mentors
  • The registration form must be complete with a consent letter from the institute and submitted online no later than  March 8, 2024
  • Post-registration, it's mandatory to attend guidance and mentor-led project sessions to advance to the next level of the competition
  • The awards will be presented at the hybrid ceremony held in conjunction with The Open Group Summit in New Delhi, India, on July 31, 2024
  • The information provided in the registration form will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring your data remains secure indefinitely. We look forward to receiving your registration
  • Student teams will be accepted based on the information submitted in the registration form. If misrepresentation of any facts/information is discovered at any stage, the candidacy of the teams will be subject to cancellation


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