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Amsterdam 2019: Proceedings - Open Process Automation

Open Process Automation™ Forum

Monday, November 4: Track: Open Process Automation™
Tuesday, November 5 – Thursday, November 7: Member Meetings
Wednesday, November 8: Open Presentation and Meeting with the WIB

Objective of Meeting

The Forum held two and one-half days of member meetings. The objectives of the meetings were to advance the work of the Forum, especially those of the Business and Technology Work Groups. The Enterprise Architecture Work Group also met and held joint meetings with the Business and Technology Work Groups.

Joint Work Groups (Business, Technology, Architecture)
  • Review Forum overall planning and strategy for ongoing future focus
  • Review Conformance Certification Requirements and Status
Business Work Group
  • Review and update Marketing & Outreach plans
  • Refine plans for both presentations and meetings at the annual ARC Conference in Orlando, FL the first week in February
  • Progress work on an updated version of the Business Guide
  • Review the need for other appropriate Guide(s) to assist in the advancement of O-PAS™ Standard conformant products
Technology Work Group
  • Review and progress the work on O-PAS Standard, Version 2.0 with its focus on “configuration portability”
  • Review and advance the work of the various Technical Work Group Sub-Committees
  • Develop a Face-to-Face Meeting schedule for 2020
Architecture Work Group
  • Meet with both the Business and the Technology Work Groups to advance joint and coordinated work on Use-Cases and Requirements


Each Work Group held multiple breakout sessions to advance their own work.

Joint Work Groups
  • The Technology Work Group and Conformance Sub-Committee of the Business Work Group met to advance work on the Conformance Certification Programand agree on steps to raise the visibility of the work
  • The Architecture Work Group met with both the Business and Technology Work Groups to review and discuss Requirements and Use-Cases
Business Work Group
  • Reviewed and agreed plans for the Marketing & Outreach Strategy for the next 9-12 months, including media planning and events planning
  • Coordinated the final reviews of the Conformance Certification Policy
  • Advanced planning on various Guides
  • Developed strategy and approach for Use-Cases

Technology Work Group

  • Advanced work on the next version of the O-PAS standard, including review of Change Request materials resulting from the current Formal Review of the proposed standard
  • Strategized and planned the work to follow including developing a schedule of targeted face-to-face meetings for the 2020 calendar year


Each Work Group advanced their agendas on various work items on their roadmaps.

Next Steps

  • There is a Technical Work Group face-to-face meeting, hosted by Yokogawa at their offices in Carrollton (Dallas), TX, USA, scheduled for January 14-16
  • There is a face-to-face meeting of the full Forum scheduled for the first week in February co-located with the ARC Conference in Orlando, FL, USA
  • There is a complete, monthly Technical Work Group face-to-face meeting schedule for all of 2020, hosted by various OPAF members in both North America and Europe
  • Weekly WebEx meetings will continue to advance the work of the Forum, its Work Groups, and Sub-Committees