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TOGAF® Role-Based Badges

Demonstrate combined knowledge skills relevant to your job

Introducing four TOGAF Role-Based Badges for different aspects of TOGAF Enterprise Architecture at two levels, Team Member and Practitioner.

The roles are based on the TOGAF Standard, with options for visual modeling using the ArchiMate® language, and digital approaches using the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard. 

Who are TOGAF Role-Based Badges for? 

All IT professionals who want to demonstrate their Enterprise Architecture knowledge and skills . 

The Value of the TOGAF Role-Based Badges 

The TOGAF Role-Based Badges are part of the TOGAF Certification program, the Enterprise Architecture certification for the TOGAF Standard —the industry leading proven Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency.

Badge earners will have demonstrated their understanding of a set of skills and requirements defined for each Badge. 

Download the datasheet here.


The TOGAF Role Based Badges

The prerequisite certifications and open badges are summarized below (see the datasheet above for further details).

Note: For Role-Based Badges requiring TOGAF 9 Foundation: The badge earner is required to have up-to-date knowledge of the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2, having earned the prerequisite TOGAF 9 Foundation badge on or after November 1, 2019. If the badge earner has earned the higher level TOGAF 9 Certified badge and did not obtain the TOGAF 9 Foundation badge they are also eligible for the Role-Based Badge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TOGAF Role-Based Badges are part of the Open Badges program. Please refer to the FAQs for further information.

Q: When will TOGAF Role-Based Badges be available?
A: The first badges were issued on September 15 2020.
Q: How do I qualify for a TOGAF Role-Based Badge?
A: A prerequisite for the current TOGAF Role-Based Badges is certification against the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2, and then complete another certification — eligible second certifications include ArchiMate 3 Foundation, ArchiMate 3 Practitioner, and DPBoK Foundation. Note that for each certification you need to opt in for the applicable Open Badge within The Open Group Open Badges program.
Q: How will I get my badge?
A: The Open Group issues badges several times a week. The badge will be issued shortly after you achieve the second certification required for the role.
Q: Do I need to pay a fee to get my badge?
A: No, the TOGAF Role-Based Badges are free and automatically issued to eligible certified individuals.
Q: Do I need to apply to get a badge?
A: No, the TOGAF Role-Based Badges are automatically issued to eligible certified individuals.
Q: I have not opted in to The Open Group badges program, will I get a badge?
A: You will need to opt-in first before we can issue you your badges. See here.
Q: How will I know when I get a badge awarded?
A: You should receive notification from Credly Acclaim. Depending on your Credly Acclaim account settings, it is possible to accept badges automatically.
Q: I earned my TOGAF 9 certification against version 9.1. How can I refresh my TOGAF 9 certification to the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 so I can qualify for a TOGAF Role-Based Badge?
A: The Open Group has an Up-to-date Knowledge certification credential, known as TOGAF Essentials 2018, to permit individuals to uplift their TOGAF 9 certifications for version 9.2. See here.
Q: I am ArchiMate 2 Certified, am I eligible for a badge?
A:No, the TOGAF Role-Based Badges require ArchiMate 3 certification. ArchiMate 3 certification has been available since 2017.