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Authorized Trainer Badges are available to qualifying individuals registered with The Open Group by The Open Group Accredited Training Course providers.

In addition to being appropriately qualified, we require Authorized Trainers to:

  • Be skilled in teaching
  • Have knowledge of and experience in the subject area
  • Be familiar with the Body of Knowledge and keep themselves up-to-date in line with changes therein


Authorized Trainer Badges demonstrate that an individual trainer:

  • has been registered by an ATC provider and formally approved by The Open Group to deliver Accredited Training Courses
  • meets the Accreditation Requirements in the applicable program version

Authorized Trainer Badges are not a proof of Training Course Accreditation. For more information on Training Course Accreditation and how to recognize an ATC, click here.

Authorized Trainer Badges are Open Badges. Open Badges are digital, verified by secure metadata, and a means for individuals to display, and organizations to easily verify certifications, achievements, and awards online, including milestones on the way to a full certification.

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Consult the Frequently Asked Questions.