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Digital First July 2020: Proceedings

The Open Group 'Digital First' Event, July 20 – 23, 2020

Business and IT leaders are facing a transition from Digitization to Digital – the radical, fundamental change towards becoming a digital enterprise. Traditional approaches and industry frameworks for IT management are being challenged both by new technologies that enable dramatically lower barriers to digital value delivery, and by new practices like agile product management that make use of this technology to give a market edge. Executives, managers, and practitioners are looking for practices that help them make sense of the landscape they find in organizations re-orienting themselves to deliver digital products and services – to become a 'Digital-First' organization.

The presentations linked below are freely available to members of The Open Group and event attendees.

Click here for the event Agenda where you will find synopses of the presentations.

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Digital First - Day 1 (Monday, July 20)

Digital First - Day 2 (Tuesday, July 21)

Digital First - Day 3 (Wednesday July 22)

TOGAF® User Group (Wednesday, July 22)

Data Science Workshop (Wednesday, July 22 & Thursday, July 23)

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