Zero Trust Security Architecture

The Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Working Group is a collaboration between The Open Group Security Forum and Architecture Forum—participation in this project is granted to all Silver and Academic Members of both the Security Forum and the Architecture Forum as well as all Gold and Platinum Members of The Open Group.


The ZTA Working Group has entered its first deliverable—the Zero Trust Core Principles White Paper—into Forum Review. This document describes the key aspects of Zero Trust, including providing an industry standard definitions for both Zero Trust and ZTAs and explaining the key drivers, requirements, and capabilities behind implementing Zero Trust. The document also describes the Zero Trust Core Principles, leveraging previous work by the Jericho Forum™ to influence their content and structure. This document will influence the future publications of the ZTA Working Group.


The ZTA Working Group has multiple additional publications that it will develop in its initial efforts:

  • A Zero Trust Landscapes White Paper that will describe the current landscape of key stakeholders and highlight differences in positions and gaps in understanding. This document will be informed by multiple surveys to those key stakeholders, namely CISOs and Chief Security Architects, Zero Trust product vendors, and academia.
  • A Zero Trust Manifesto White Paper (tentatively titled) that will take further inspiration from the Jericho® Forum and develop each Core Principle in more detail. The goal of this document will be to make the Core Principles easily understandable and provide more information on using them to implement Zero Trust.
  • A Zero Trust Reference Architecture and model and will provide a template solution for a ZTA using the Core Principles and common terminology developed and refined within earlier ZTA Working Group publications. This document will further refine and develop the capabilities of a ZTA and provide context for different Zero Trust use cases.


Additional planned publications:

  • A Zero Trust Practitioners Guide to provide a process framework for implementing Zero Trust
  • A Zero Trust Business Guide to offer easily understandable guidance to Senior and C-level Executives and Enterprise Architects as well as describe reasons for implementing Zero Trust in a business context
  • A Threat Modelling White Paper to provide an up-to-date industry standard threat model for ZTAs that complements the Zero Trust Reference Architecture and Model
  • A Zero Trust Algorithm to complement the Zero Trust Reference Architecture and Model


Working Group Leaders:

  • Altaz Valani, Co-Lead for the Security Forum and Security Forum Vice-Chair
  • Nikhil Kumar, Co-Lead for the Architecture Forum


Project Charter


To inquire about joining the Zero Trust Architecture Working Group, contact Forum Director John Linford at



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