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The Open Group Virtual Event January 2022

January 31 – February 2, 2021

This event was made up of three key themes. Click here for the event Agenda where you will find synopses of the presentations.

The presentations, linked below for each day, are freely available to members of The Open Group and event attendees.

Day 1: Open Standards & Platforms for Operationalizing COP26 

Since August 2020, The Open Group has been working with member organizations to create an open standard for tracking environmental footprint data, unifying data recording, processing, and sharing across industries. We are making progress towards a vision of making it possible to automate the calculation of greenhouse gas data – and, eventually, data such as water usage and landfill – giving companies real-time, reliable insight into their impact. The Open Group recognizes that solving the climate crisis demands clearer conversations, stronger leadership buy-in, better training, greater support, and more forceful deadlines, and is focused on getting there by collaboration through data and open standards.

Day 2: Digital Practitioners Day

A “sneak peek” of the digital platform and initial content – The Open Framework for the Digital Enterprise – which, in 2022, will be made publicly available to standards adopters, along with improvements for both standards adopters, and our valued standards creator community. Learn about next steps in delivering the playbook for the digital enterprise using consistent and self-supporting guidance by Digital Practitioners:

  • Common Vocabulary and Roles: a set of reusable, cross-standard definitions for terms and roles, curated by member consensus
  • Digital Competencies: DPBoK™ Standard – a coherent, self-consistent framework of digital competencies based on organization scale
  • Digital Product Control & Accountability – IT4IT™ Standard, Version 3.0: A Reference Architecture for Managing Digital to provide a single, simple, unifying element to manage IT and “smart” products and services
  • Architecting the Digital Enterprise:  Open Agile Architecture™ Standard – an outcome-based, product-centered approach to enable enterprises to respond to customer needs in a nimble and Agile manner

Day 3: Data Science Community of Interest

The Open Group Data Science Community of Interest is open to both Members of The Open Group and non-members and provides those with an interest in Data Science with an open forum in which to discuss Data Science topics of interest, and to learn from others. Our Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS) certification program is the industry’s most comprehensive certification available for Data Scientists and the organizations that employ them. Open CDS is an independent global certification for qualifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of Data Scientists. 

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