Open Agile Architecture™ Licensees

The Commercial Licenses below provide rights for commercial use of the version of the Open Agile Architecture™ Standard, also known as the O-AA™ standard. Commercial use includes but is not limited to developing or providing Open Agile Architecture (or O-AA) Enterprise or IT Architecture solutions and related services, products, tools, platforms, training, or consultancy for use within another organization. The Commercial License is also required when applying for product or service certification to the Open Agile Architecture or O-AA standard (when available). For more information, including how to obtain a commercial license for the O-AA standard, see the Commercial Licensing pages.


Open Agile Architecture™ Standard, Version 1.0

Advised Skills Ltd.
Agile Architects NV
Capgemini Academy
EAC Business Technology LLC
eVOLVE Gestāo Empresarial
Goodea Consulting, s.r.o.
Knotion Consulting
Management Institute of Finland Oy
Mult Services MG Tecnologia e Informática Ltd
SE7TI - Servicos de Tecnologia da Informacao LTDA                                    
The Open Group


Information current as of 30 November 2022.

Note: For more information, including how to obtain a commercial license for the O-AA standard, see the Commercial Licensing pages.
If you are a licensee not listed, please let us know.
If you are aware of any use of the O-AA standard for commercial purposes by any entity not listed above, please Contact us.

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