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The Open Group Launches the Open FAIR Certification for People Program and Releases Two Risk Standards

The Open Group Launches the Open FAIR Certification for People Program and Releases Two Risk Standards

London, England – October 21st 2013 — The Open Group today announced the new Open FAIR Certification Program aimed at Risk Analysts, bringing a much-needed professional certification to the market that is focused on the practice of risk analysis. Both the Risk Taxonomy and Risk Analysis standards, standards of The Open Group, constitute the body of knowledge for the certification program, and they advance the risk analysis profession by defining a standard taxonomy for risk, and by describing the process aspects of a rigorous risk analysis. 

“This new risk analyst certification program will bring significant value to risk analysts, and to organizations seeking to hire qualified risk analysts” said Jim Hietala, VP, Security, The Open Group. “Adoption of these two risk standards from The Open Group will help produce more effective and useful risk analysis.”

In order to become certified, Risk Analysts must pass an Open FAIR certification exam. All certification exams are administered through Prometric, Inc. Exam candidates can start the registration process by visiting Prometric's Open Group Test Sponsor Site  With 4,000 testing centers in its IT channel, Prometric brings Open FAIR Certification to security professionals worldwide. For more details on the exam requirements visit

Training courses will be delivered through an Open Group accredited channel. The accreditation of Open FAIR training courses will be available from November 1st 2013.

 “CXOWARE is extremely excited about the forthcoming launch of the Open FAIR certification program.  This program clearly represents the growing need in our industry for professionals who understand risk analysis fundamentals.  Furthermore, the mature processes and due diligence The Open Group applies to its standards and certification programs will help make organizations comfortable with the ground breaking concepts and methods underlying FAIR” said Jack Jones, President, CXOWARE.  “This will also help professionals looking to differentiate themselves by demonstrating the ability to take a "business perspective” on risk.”

“Architecting the Enterprise is delighted to sponsor the Open FAIR certification program as another step in the Enterprise Architecture professional development competencies. Using FAIR will enable an Enterprise Architect to attain a deeper understanding of how the enterprise works and assess where the enterprise's future digital infrastructure may be vulnerable and need strengthening. This knowledge will lead to improved and more fitting target architectures capable of delivering stronger operational performance “ said Judith Jones, CEO, Architecting the Enterprise.

"I am really glad that Open Group is introducing yet another framework that will be useful to all enterprises. This program fills a void on risk management that has for long existed in the industry. Open FAIR brings a very methodical and intelligent approach to risk management. At SNA we are looking forward to kickstarting the Open FAIR certification program, which promises to provide a unique platform for both budding and experienced risk professionals looking at Risk certification by offering more mature career opportunities" said Suresh Done, President and Chief Architect, SNA Technologies.

"The Open FAIR Certification Program is an important contribution in the field of business continuity & information security. With FAIR Information security professionals now have methods to analyze and articulate risk. This enables business stakeholders to make well-informed risk related decisions" said Rienk de kok, Co-Founder of The Unit bv. "The Unit Consultancy delivers advice and training for professionals and teams pursuing Open FAIR Certification".

For more information on the Open FAIR certification program visit

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