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The Open Group Calls for Industry Collaboration on Open Standards for AI Professional Practice

The organization announces plans to facilitate AI professional practice standards development as its next flagship initiative

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 24, 2024The Open Group, the vendor-neutral organization that has been at the forefront of open technology standards for 30 years, has today announced it has begun the process of developing open standards for AI professional practice. Its AI initiatives have been already backed by a multitude of prominent organizations, and The Open Group is looking for more to get involved as AI continues to shape the future of enterprise technology. 

The emergence of a new generation of AI technologies has stimulated intense activity, from R&D-led businesses investing significant time and capital in training ever more powerful foundation models, to technology vendors experimenting with the innovative implementation of AI in end-user applications. This increased activity is putting pressure on legislators, regulators, and industry bodies to establish guardrails around safe, effective, and sustainable usage of AI. 

“We see the widespread usage of AI being the catalyst for a fundamental, deep-rooted transformation, and it is important for the technology industry to get this right,” commented Steve Nunn, President and CEO of The Open Group. “This reconstruction covers how technology interacts, how it is organized and, at its heart, how we intellectually frame its function. AI’s capacity to learn, interpret, and abstract at scale alters how we must navigate complex, unpredictable situations and solutions, and brings a new ecosystem of possibilities, challenges, and dependencies into view.” 

As the premier Enterprise Architecture (EA) standards organization, The Open Group developed the TOGAF® standard, that is recognized as the world’s leading EA methodology. It also has an unrivalled reputation for certification of people, processes, products, tools, and best practices, including its Open Professions Program – an experience-based certification program covering professional practice for Enterprise Architects, Technical Specialists, Data Scientists, and Trusted Technology Providers. Building on its expertise, reputation, and heritage, The Open Group intends to be a trusted facilitator for the future of professional practice standards in the context of AI-powered technologies. 

​“This work should happen like so much fundamental IT work has: with structure and within an independent, objective, and open supporting environment. It should also be undertaken by consensus, and for everyone’s benefit, so please come and join us,” added Steve Nunn.

The Open Group is leveraging existing professional practices for those architecting and training AI models, and working alongside practitioners, partners, and supporters who are willing to commit to the long-term challenge. The aim of the initiative is to ensure unbiased, positive, and representative progress of both the needs and outcomes involved. 

To learn more about The Open Group AI initiatives and all participating organizations, click here

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