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Collaboration Services

Management Services Infrastructure

The Open Group offers a flexible web infrastructure tool known as Plato, to facilitate an effective method of forming and running collaborative special interest groups and new standards initiatives. The web-based Plato infrastructure provides multi-level access views on information, news items, shared events calendar, action repository, document repository, online document review system, email archives, online polling, and glossary. All items are fully customizable to suit the Work Group needs and self-maintainable by project leaders.

A place on the web where information can be brought together

A simple one-page layout makes it easy to see news items, events, emails, action items, documents (in all formats), and other information. This page can serve as your project or consortium's home page with links as appropriate to external URLs. (more)

Information that is easily added or updated and available to the right people

Access to information is controlled through membership of one or more mailing lists. A public view and three levels of controlled access views are provided. Emails sent to specified mailing lists are automatically loaded, other information can be entered online without the need for an html web page editor, and documents are uploaded without the need for ftp software. All information is secured on our web, database, and email servers. (more)

Additional functions include Document Review and Voting

The Open Group online document review system is integrated to allow authorized users to add comments in context and view all comments with the authors' names. A voting capability provides a mechanism for authorized users to vote. For example, to vote for acceptance or rejection of a proposed amendment to a document. (more)

Administration is easy

Navigation bars, headings, and content are under the control of the client's administrator(s). The overall look and feel and the style sheet can be customized on the client's behalf. The system interfaces to The Open Group email and web access system which in turn links to the membership database and conference/event management system. New facilities developed for clients are available to other clients who make use of the common resources. (more)