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The Open Group Healthcare Forum - Actionable Reminders

NOTE:  Effective July 1, 2021, this Actionable Reminders Page for The Open Group Healthcare Forum will no longer be maintained or updated.  

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Week of June 21 - June 25, 2021

All times listed below are listed in the Eastern Timezone (EDT).  

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM ET      

8:00 - Healthcare Forum Meeting

8:00 - Healthcare Forum Meeting (2)





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Company Reviews Dates
The Open Group® Certification for People:  Open Agile Architecture™Practitioner Conformance Requirements May 11 - June 8
The Open Group® Certification for People: Open Agile Architecture™Program Configuration May 11 - June 8
The Open Group® SOSA™ Conformance Certification Program (Sensor Open System Architecture) April 28 - June 9
Sanity Review Dates

*Reminder - Company Reviews are open to all members for comment, from any Forum. You do not need to be a member of the sponsoring Forum to provide feedback.

Forum Reviews Dates
ZIRA Translation - Hospital RA White Paper - Informal Review - pp1-25  May 14 - May 28


Active Ballots Dates


Membership Announcements Dates
The Open Group Virtual Event: July 2021
The Open Group Contribution Awards program - Recognition for individual contributors to The Open Group Standards and Guides N/A
The Open Group 'Open Digital Standards' Virtual Event - Highlights (Jan. 25 - 27)