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The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, a standard of The Open Group, is a powerful tool for aligning the strategy and digital product delivery of a Digital Enterprise.

The IT4IT Standard provides a flexible, value stream-based approach that supports your digital business on its continuous improvement journey to deliver digital products better, faster, cheaper, and safer. Designed as an umbrella framework, the IT4IT Standard is useful for companies addressing many of todays’ challenges, whether it be moving to the cloud, increasing automation, accelerating the fulfillment of products and services to users, re-tooling for Agile or DevOps, undergoing a digital transformation, or moving to a product-centric operating model.  


The IT4IT Standard is being used by companies of all sizes and industries all across the world.  It has been used to drive interoperability, rationalize applications, assess and improve capabilities, and much more. 


Here we examine a selection of case studies from a cross-section of vertical industries, including Oil and Gas, Finance and Insurance, and the IT sector who have used IT4IT to add value to their businesses with automation projects, streamlining software and service portfolios, and transforming to more agile, digital working models:



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