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Get to know the elected leaders of the IT4IT Forum and The Open Group staff members who support them. Read their profiles below or introduce yourself to them at the next IT4IT Forum work group virtual meeting or at a face-to-face regional event of The Open Group. Your Forum Leaders are members just like you who were nominated by other members or nominated themselves and whom members then voted to elect to office.

To learn more about their duties in support of the IT4IT Forum, the IT4ITStandard, and the Forum members, download the Elected Officers Handbook (i122).

IT4IT Forum Co-Chair
Rob Akershoek, DXC Technology
The Randstad, Netherlands

Rob is an IT Management Architect. For over 20 years he has been involved in improving IT organizations by designing, implementing, and automating IT management processes.
He helps organizations to transform to a new IT organization, ready to manage new technologies such as Cloud and mobile, as well as implementing new IT management strategies.

A passionate leader and promoter of the IT4ITReference Architecture Standard, Rob is currently leading the chapter on the Build Function in Version 3.0 of the IT4IT Standard, with significant contributions to the associated IT4IT™ Integrate and Deploy value streams.

IT4IT Forum Co-Chair
Satya Misra, HCL Technologies
Noida, India

Satya is an Associate Director of HCL Technologies working as a Product Manager and is responsible for architecting, designing, and developing the HCL DRYiCE Orchestration Product and Service. Satya leveraged the IT4IT  Standard extensively in developing HCL's XaaS Service Management product, solutions, and services for HCL and their enterprise customers. He is an ITSM professional with 21+ years of work experience in the IT industry. 

Satya has been actively involved in The Open Group IT4IT Forum for more than  four years as an elected officer and as a member of the IT4IT Forum Steering Committee, the IT4IT Core Standard committee, and The Open Group Governing Board IT4IT Adoption workgroup. He is a published author in The Open Group library for a case study and is currently leading the chapter on the Deliver Function in Version 3.0 of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Standard, with significant contributions to the associated IT4IT™ Release and Consume value streams.

IT4IT Forum Vice-Chair
Etienne Terpstra-Hollander, Micro Focus
Utrecht area, Netherlands

Etienne is Chief Technologist, Strategy and Solutions, for Micro Focus Professional Services. As an IT Management professional for nearly 25 years, Etienne has supported over 100 organizations in solutions to their IT Management challenges, and has been applying the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture Standard in this work for nearly 10 years.

Since 2012, Etienne has been involved in the IT4IT Forum of The Open Group when he co-authored a paper that led to the IT4IT Standard Version 2.1 Request-to-Fulfill value stream. He participates in the IT4IT Steering and Core Committees. He co-Chaired the innovative Level 0 Value Streams work group for Version 3.0 of the IT4IT Standard.
He is a contributor to the normative IT4IT Standard v2.1 (doc ref. C155) and two IT4IT guidance documents; the Management Guide (doc ref. G160) and the Intelligence and Reporting Guide (doc ref. G18E).

 IT4IT Core Standard standing committee Chair
Lars Rossen, Micro Focus
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars is a Micro Focus Fellow and the CTO of Micro Focus responsible for cross-portfolio strategy. Before joining the CTO organization in 2015, Lars worked in the Software portfolio architecture and strategy team and has had many leading roles in defining and progressing the current IT management solution portfolio.

Lars is the chief architect of the IT4IT™ Standard initiative and Micro Focus representative on The Open Group Governing Board. Lars created much of the first version of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture which formed the basis for the standard when it moved to The Open Group. Lars continues to have a pivotal role in the development of the IT4IT Standard as Chair of the IT4IT Core Standard standing committee.  

 IT4IT Forum Director
Michelle Horrobin, The Open Group
Wiltshire, UK

Michelle HorrobinMichelle supports the leaders and participants of the member-led IT4IT Forum in utilizing the resources of The Open Group to follow The Open Group Standards process and publish the IT4IT Standard and associated publications. Prior to working at The Open Group she was head of various departments within the fleet industry, and comes from a background of working with certifying bodies both in the UK and internationally.  

She has extensive experience in leadership, digital product development, compliance, data protection, and strategy across various sectors including further education and IT professional certification. She is also trained in areas of diversity, inclusion, risk, and business continuity management, and has been a speaker for both business and education events.

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