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  • Vice President, Research & Development, SOFTEAM

    Q: How long have you been involved with The Open Group?

    We have just joined The Open Group; but we have had the unique opportunity to work with The Open Group in EC research projects.


    Q: Why did you become a member and what does your involvement look like?

    SOFTEAM provides consulting and training in software architecture, methodologies, BPM and enterprise architecture.

    With its subsidiary company, Modeliosoft, SOFTEAM distributes a modeling tool (Modelio) which has an extension dedicated to TOGAF. Modelio is an open source modeling tool ( supporting UML, BPMN, and modeling extensions such as TOGAF. Modeliosoft provides enterprise dedicated solutions based on the open source modeling tool (

    SOFTEAM has several consultants who are certified for TOGAF.


    Softeam has worked for several years in defining a TOGAF modeling support based on the modeling standard. Compared to Archimate, the solution has been built by reusing BPMN and UML, and providing TOGAF dedicated extensions (through a UML profile).


    In addition, Gilbert Raymond and I are currently writing a book (in French but we will probably target an English version), to be published Q1 2012, called (English translation) : TOGAF in practice : Enterprise Architecture modeling.


    Our objectives and expectations are to meet and collaborate with the TOGAF community, in order to know what the current applications and future orientations are, and to bring our knowledge where that may be useful.


    Q: Why is it important for other organizations to join The Open Group?

    To participate in the elaboration to standards : to share and institutionalize knowledge.


    Q: Any last thoughts?

    Our primary interest is Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF. We feel that those domains are constantly gaining interest, but that there remains a huge evangelization effort to generalize this necessary practice. One key aspect is to make it accessible to most people. This is where we hope contribute within the Open Group.


    About Philippe Desfray


    Philippe Desfray is involved since 17 years in model driven development research, standardization, and tooling. Co-founder of the SOFTEAM company (250 people in 2007), he has been precursor to OO Modeling (inventor of the Class Relation OO model, 1990, supported already at that time by a case tool), to MDA (1994, Addison Welsey book on the matter, dedicated tool), one of the main contributor in the UML standardization team at the OMG since the origin, and contributing to many modeling language standardization eforts(BPMN, SOA, ...). Philippe serves as VP for R&D at SOFTEAM, is one key expert in the modeling and methodology fields, is driving international R&D projects and leading the Modelio UML/MDA case tool development team (