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Laura Hugill Belken

Laura Hugill Belken is an accomplished Founder/CEO of enterprise architecture & higher education boutique agency, Belken Consulting.  Laura is also the Co-Founder/CTO of an international non-profit with over 20 years of experience. Laura has partnered with Amazon/AWS leveraging FinOps in Enterprise Architecture. Laura also consulted for Mayo Clinic using Google Cloud Platform to meet compliance regulations and ensure the security of patient data. As the State of Wisconsin Architect for DXC/Gainwell, she designed with the Open Group’s healthcare reference architecture, OHERA that assisted in increasing Medicaid accounts. UnitedHealth Group executive architect for United Healthcare commercial portfolio, as well as the M&A architect for OptumServe-Logistics Health Inc.

Ms. Hugill Belken is actively engaged and promotes The Open Group, Healthcare Forum. She has contributed to publications and reference architectures of The Open Group, including most recently Hospital Reference Architecture Guide. Within the discipline of architecture, she is a member of the Chief Architect Forum, Women in Architecture, ITANA, and a Google Global Ambassador for Women TechMakers.   

Prior to enterprise architecture, she was an Organic Valley international farmer advisor that initiated the first US organic agriculture commodities market. Laura has circumnavigated the world three times with the Semester at Sea program.  Passionately promoting enterprise architecture in higher education, Laura was also Assistant Dean at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.  


Job Title
Founder/CEO of Belken Consulting