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  • Ashish Saxena - EDS Project Lead, Accenture: Driving Innovation within OSDU Community


    I am a project lead with over 3 years of experience leading the External Data Service (EDS) project within the OSDU Community. My role involves setting team norms, providing architectural and software engineering support, and ensuring the successful completion of project milestones. I am dedicated to navigating ambiguity, managing my time effectively, and continuously learning and adapting to new challenges. 
    Additionally, I bring over two decades of expertise as a Solution Architect in the Oil and Gas industry. Known for architecting and implementing advanced technology solutions, I optimize operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety in complex environments. My strategic approach aligns technology initiatives with business goals, fostering seamless integration across functions. I thrive in fast-paced settings, delivering high-quality solutions within tight deadlines and driving digital transformation through emerging technologies."



    The Open Group OSDU® Forum

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    Q. How long have you been involved with The Open Group?

    I have been involved with The Open Group for over 3 years.

    Q. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

    I lead the EDS (External Data Service) project within the OSDU community. I have been in this role for the past 3 years.

    Q. Why did your organization become a Member of The Open Group OSDU Forum and what does/will your involvement look like?

    Our organization became a member of The Open Group to collaborate with industry leaders, share knowledge, and contribute to the development of standards that benefit the entire industry. My involvement includes leading the EDS project, participating in community discussions, and ensuring alignment with OSDU principles.

    Q. How has/will membership in The Open Group benefit you, your organization, and the industry at large?

    Membership in The Open Group has benefited us by providing access to a vast network of industry experts and resources. It has allowed us to contribute to and influence the development of industry standards, ensuring that our solutions are aligned with best practices. This collaboration enhances our capabilities, drives innovation, and supports the industry’s overall progress.

    Q. Why is it important for other organizations to join The Open Group?

    Joining The Open Group is important for organizations because it offers a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and influencing industry standards. Being a member helps organizations stay ahead of industry trends, improve their processes, and contribute to the development of solutions that benefit the entire community.

    Q. What are your hobbies?

    My hobbies include reading, hiking, and exploring new technologies.

    Q. What book are you currently reading?

    I am currently reading "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton M. Christensen.

    Q. What social networks do you belong to?

    I am on LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Q. Any last thoughts?

    Being a part of The Open Group has been an enriching experience. The collaborative environment and access to industry leaders have played a significant role in supporting clients' success in adopting the OSDU platforms and standards. I encourage other organizations to join and take advantage of the valuable resources and opportunities available through this membership.