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The Open Group Internet of Things Work Group

Developing open standards for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the new, convergent technologies addressed by Open Platform 3.0™. The Open Group IoT standards will do for the IoT what HTML/HTTP did for the Web, enabling everything to be connected on the fly. Vendors will be able to collect information from products in the field throughout their lifecycle. This will allow the optimization of maintenance operations, providing increased safety at lower cost. Enterprises will be able to monitor and control installed equipment, and integrate it into intelligent solutions, for example to ensure the health of buildings and machinery, or to improve energy efficiency.

IoT Standards

The IoT Work Group has produced two Open Group IoT standards: the Open Data Format (O-DF) and the Open Messaging Interface (O-MI). It is now working on a standard for open IoT lifecycle management.

The Work Group

Members of the IoT Work Group of the Open Group Open Platform 3.0™ Forum gain professional advantage from the group’s resources, market insights and expertise in a global community of peers. They lead the development of standards and certification programs, which ultimately results in the delivery of interoperability projects faster and with less effort. Vendors can collaborate on emerging open standards in a neutral forum, and demonstrate their compliance with those standards. Customers can influence the development of suppliers' products to ensure that they address real requirements and are interoperable.

Join us, and take an active role in advancing our vision of creating and consolidating open standards for the Internet of things!

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