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Cover the full cycle of test suite implementation

The conformance testing services offered by The Open Group cover the full life cycle of test suite implementation and usage from the test planning stage through to the continuing alignment of the test suite with an evolving specification. The Open Group implements its testing services in-line with existing international standards and has a proven record of successful implementations against these standards:

  • Test Plan Development
  • Automated Test Environment
  • Test Suite Development
  • Test Suite Maintenance
  • Interoperability Events

Conformance test suites benefit specification and product developers by:

  • Analyzing the specification into individual testable components that define the scope of testing needed to measure conformance
  • Uncovering variances in interpretation of the specification and allowing these to be discussed and resolved
  • Enabling product developers to measure progress
  • Providing a portable implementation of the test cases that are independent of implementation characteristics
  • Improving interoperability between products using the specified interfaces

The Open Group has developed and currently maintains conformance test suites for many technologies, including UNIX®, CORBA®, LDAP, the X Window System, Motif®, Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform (DVB-MHP), Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), and Linux. This depth and variety of experience has produced a development methodology and knowledge base that is unrivalled in the IT industry.

In addition, The Open Group has run many interoperability events to allow vendors to come together and understand the extent to which their products will interoperate with those of their peers.