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Train the Trainer

Our new Train the Trainer courses are now live! The collection includes courses for the TOGAF® Certification Portfolio, the IT4IT™ 3 Foundation and the Open FAIR™ 2 Certification Programs, with plans for expansion in-line with future portfolio developments. The Train the Trainer courses aim to build trainer knowledge and understanding of newly released Certifications. Taking one of our Train the Trainer courses leads to an uptick in trainer confidence, enabling them to offer expert-level advice and tackle any certification-based questions they may face from candidates.

You’ll get the chance to dive deeper into our certification portfolios and gain richer insights into our newest programs. There will be a short quiz at the end of each course to ensure information has been appropriately understood and consolidated. Don’t worry, we’ve included lots of links to our documents, resources, articles, and related materials to ensure you get the most out of the course!

Enrolment is by invitation only, reserved for organizations applying for training course accreditation, or those with pre-existing Accredited Training Courses (ATC) onboarding new trainers. If you are a trainer who requires access, note that all requests must be submitted to The Open Group by the ATC Manager. For more information, contact ATC-support.

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