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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Test Suites – Technical Data Sheet

Executive Summary

The Open Group has expanded its range of test suites to provide the ability to run them on embedded targets. This is an opportunity for leading embedded device suppliers to acquire state-of-the-art test tools to ensure the development of conformant POSIX embedded solutions.

The Open Group is well established as the premier open systems test supplier and certification authority, developing and owning tests for the UNIX®, LSBTM, and POSIX™ certification programs. As a supplier-independent and product-neutral organization, The Open Group is the logical choice in developing standards-based test suites and certification programs.


The Open Group has a portfolio of test suites that cover the complete POSIX 1003.1-1996 and 1003.1-2003 standards and the Single UNIX Specification. The Open Group has adapted a number of its test suites to target embedded devices. These include the VSX4 test suite (for general POSIX.1 interfaces), the VSRT test suite (for the POSIX.1b interfaces), and the VSTH test suite (for the POSIX.1c interfaces). The embedded versions are known as VSX4-PSE, VSRT-PSE, and VSTH-PSE respectively. Collectively they are also available as a bundle to test the POSIX 1003.13 profile 52 click for more more.

Use of test suites is essential for proper development and maintenance of standards-based products, ensuring conformance of supplier products to industry-standard APIs, application portability, and interoperability. In-depth testing with The Open Group test suites identifies defects at the earliest possible point in the development and test cycle minimizing costly defects found in the field.

The embedded test capability allows use of the same rigorous industry standard tests in a hosted device as for multi-purpose systems. It allows cross-compilation of tests on a host, with uploads of the test cases to the embedded device, and communication between the host and the embedded device. Typically this will take the form of a serial link, although the use of a faster communication link (such as a network connection) is not precluded. A simple message-passing protocol is implemented over the communication channel. Capabilities included are a test case launcher, a test case terminator (for systems where exit() is not supported), and a heartbeat thread.

A White Paper is available explaining how the revised TETware harness has been adapted for testing embedded devices is available at:

The Embedded Test Suites

The Embedded Test Suites includes tests for:

  • IEEE POSIX 1003.1-1990 (VSX4-PSE)
  • IEEE POSIX 1003.1b-1993/1003.1i-1995 Realtime extension (VSRT-PSE)
  • IEEE Std POSIX 1003.1c-1995 Threads (pthreads) extension (VSTH-PSE)
  • IEEE POSIX 1003.13-1998 Profile 52 (VSPSE52)
  • VSPSE52:2003 – A conformance test suite for IEEE Std 1003.13-2003 Profile PSE52

Test Environment Toolkit and the VSXgen test framework, allowing them to be run stand-alone, or combined with other relevant VSXgen test packages.

Test totals are as follows:

VSRT-PSE: 1430 tests
VSTH-PSE: 1232 tests
VSX4-PSE: 5310 tests