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UNIX System Test Suites -- Technical Data Sheet

Executive Summary

The Open Group has expanded it's range of test suites for the Single UNIX Specification and the associated UNIX certification program. This is an opportunity for leading UNIX system suppliers suppliers to acquire state-of-the-art test tools to ensure the development of conformant UNIX® System products and to demonstrate their conformance through the UNIX certification program.

The Open Group is well established as the premier open systems test supplier and certification authority. As a supplier independent and product neutral organization, The Open Group is the logical choice in developing standards-based test suites and certification schemes.


The Open Group has a portfolio of test suites that cover the complete Single UNIX Specification Versions 1, 2 and 3 and the UNIX 95, UNIX 98, UNIX 03, UNIX V7 certification programs. These are available to license in a number of packages, tailored your individual testing needs. For new existing customers, information on the latest UNIX test suite package is available.

Use of test suites is essential for proper development and maintenance of standards-based products, ensuring conformance of supplier products to industry-standard APIs, application portability and interoperability. In-depth testing with Open Group test suites identifies defects at the earliest possible point in the development and test cycle minimizing costly defects found in the field.


The UNIX System Test Suites

The UNIX System Test Suites include:

  • VSC - The Open Group Commands and Utilities Test Suite
  • VSRT- The Open Group Realtime Extensions Test Suite
  • VSTH - The Open Group Threads Test Suite
  • VSX4 - The Open Group Core Operating System Test Suite
  • VSX5 - The Open Group C99, LFS, MSE and Dynamic linking extensions Test Suite
  • VSU - The Open Group UNIX extensions test suite
  • VSTRC - The Open Group Tracing (1003.1q and 1003.1,2003 Ed.) test suite

These test suites have been developed as test packages under the Test Environment Toolkit and the VSXgen test framework, allowing them to be run stand-alone, or combined with other relevant VSXgen test packages.