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For individuals, The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) certification represents an ideal mechanism for demonstrating knowledge, success and overall business capabilities. The Open CA program can significantly enhance and affirm your professional skills, improve your prospects for rewarding assignments, accelerate salary and career advancement, and result in greater peer recognition.

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Open up your Career - for Individuals

For organizations, the Open CA program provides an independent, global, experience-based benchmark for identifying, assessing and selecting the most qualified individuals for critical roles and responsibilities. Specifying Open CA-certified individuals in procurement and project proposals can considerably reduce recruitment time and cost, and result in higher project success rates.

Open CA can help to optimize the staff recruitment and retention process, and motivate staff to acquire this widely recognized industry standard to authenticate their skills and experience.

Organizations can also utilize The Open Group materials to build their own professional certification programs, and apply the Open CA program structure to enhance their own learning and development programs.

In a marketplace where confidence is a key purchasing factor, suppliers can demonstrate their expertise by showing that they use certified Technology and Enterprise Architects for specific projects. Open CA certification is a powerful competitive differentiator that provides your customers with reliable assurance of the skills and capabilities of your IT professionals, and of the quality and interoperability of your products.


“Credit Suisse’s IT division is required to provide high-quality, innovative and cost-efficient technology solutions to our integrated global bank. In order to achieve our goals, it is critical that we attract and retain the best IT professionals in the market. By following industry best practices, The Open Group has defined an outstanding benchmark for IT Architects and IT specialists, which makes it easier to identify the highly skilled and experienced professionals that Credit Suisse is looking for. In addition, I am very much in favor of The Open Group’s efforts to certify skills and experience, rather than academic qualifications only.”

Andreas Buzzi

Head of Software Engineering

Credit Suisse


We will continue our active involvement in the ongoing development of TOGAF® and the Open CA program. Open CA, in our view, is tomorrow’s standard architecture certification, akin to what PMI is for the program management community today.”

Sascha Kuhlman

Global Lead, Enterprise Architecture Program